Popular Car Camera Brands

Discover the top car camera brands that are dominating the market! Get to know the best features, innovative designs, and reputable manufacturers that offer reliable and high-quality car cameras for improved driving safety and memorable road trip experiences.

In this article, you will explore various car camera brands, their products, and features they offer. These cameras come in different types such as dash cams, rearview cameras, and parking cameras, each designed for enhanced safety and assistance in parking. Detailed product information for market leaders like Garmin, Nextbase, BlackVue, Thinkware, and Rexing will be provided. Additionally, you will also learn about budget brands like Apeman, YI Technology, Viofo, and ROVE, as well as brands with unique features like Owlcam, Vantrue, and Cobra. Finally, the article provides factors to consider when comparing car camera brands, such as image quality, additional features, price and value, and mounting and installation options.

Overview of Car Camera Brands

Car cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the numerous benefits they provide. They have become essential tools for drivers, ensuring safety, and assisting during parking maneuvers while serving as crucial evidence during accident investigations. This article will give an overview of the various car camera brands available and the benefits of each type of car camera.

Types of Car Cameras

There are three primary types of car cameras available, each catering to specific needs:

Dash Cams

Dash cams, or dashboard cameras, are mounted on the interior of the car, typically on the windshield or dashboard, to record the view outside the vehicle. These cameras continually record while the car is in motion, storing footage on memory cards or digital storage. Some dash cams even offer a rear view camera to capture events happening behind the vehicle.

Popular brands for dash cams include:

  1. Garmin: Known for their GPS products, Garmin also offers a range of high-quality dash cams equipped with features such as GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice control.

  2. Nextbase: Nextbase is a leading dash cam manufacturer, offering devices with various features such as touchscreens, night vision, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

  3. Thinkware: Thinkware is a South Korean company specializing in dash cams, offering high-quality devices with features such as cloud service, GPS, and impact sensors.

Rear View Cameras

Rear view cameras, also known as backup cameras or reversing cameras, are mounted on the rear of a vehicle and provide a clear view of the area behind the vehicle. These cameras help drivers to see objects or people that may not be visible in their rearview mirror or side mirrors, ensuring safer reversing and parking.

Popular brands for rear view cameras include:

  1. Esky: Esky is a brand known for producing reliable and affordable rear view cameras with features such as waterproof construction, night vision, and wide-angle lenses.

  2. Pyle: Pyle is a reputable brand offering a range of rear view camera systems, including ones with built-in monitors or wireless connectivity.

  3. Auto-Vox: Auto-Vox offers high-quality rear view cameras featuring wireless systems, monitor integration, and advanced image processing technology.

Parking Cameras

Parking cameras, also known as surround view cameras or 360-degree cameras, provide a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings. These systems usually consist of multiple cameras that are strategically mounted around the car, providing a clear, bird’s-eye view that is displayed on the vehicle’s monitor. This technology makes parking far more manageable, especially in tight spaces.

Popular brands for parking cameras include:

  1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Systems: Many car manufacturers, such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz, provide their parking camera systems that are perfectly integrated into the vehicle and its monitoring system.

  2. Gazer: Gazer is a leading brand that offers 360-degree parking camera systems, providing comprehensive views of the vehicle’s surroundings using multiple cameras.

  3. SVTCam: This brand offers parking camera systems that can easily be integrated into vehicles, featuring high-resolution and wide-angle views.

Benefits of Car Cameras

Car cameras provide numerous benefits, ensuring safety and convenience for drivers.

Enhanced Safety

Car cameras help drivers to monitor their surroundings more effectively, reducing blind spots, and improving situational awareness. This greater awareness is particularly useful when changing lanes, reversing, and parking.

Assistance in Parking

Rear view and parking camera systems make parking more straightforward by providing a clear view of the vehicle’s surroundings. This allows the driver to identify obstacles that may not be visible in mirrors or by simply looking over their shoulder.

Accident Evidence

In the event of an accident, car cameras can provide valuable evidence in determining the circumstances and responsibility for the incident. This can help to resolve insurance and legal disputes more easily and fairly.

Market Leaders in Car Camera Industry


Garmin is a multinational technology company that specializes in GPS technology for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports activities. In recent years, Garmin has become one of the industry leaders in the car camera market with a lineup of advanced dash and rearview cameras.

Garmin Dash Cam Series

The Garmin Dash Cam Series includes a range of high-quality dashboard cameras designed to give drivers peace of mind on the road. The series currently features several models like the Garmin Dash Cam Mini, Dash Cam 46, Dash Cam 56, Dash Cam 66W, and Dash Cam Tandem. Each camera provides a different combination of features and price points to meet the varied needs of drivers.

Some of the core features of the Garmin Dash Cam series include a high-quality wide-angle lens, which can capture 1080p, 1440p, or 2160p video, GPS capability for accurate location data, voice controls for hands-free usage, built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing, and automated incident detection technology. Garmin dash cams also come with a free app, Garmin Drive, which allows users to view, edit, and save footage directly on their smartphone or tablet device.

Garmin Rearview Cameras

In addition to the Dash Cam Series, Garmin also offers a line of rearview cameras that help drivers maneuver more safely and easily. The Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera and Garmin BC 40 Wireless Backup Camera are designed to work seamlessly with compatible Garmin GPS devices, providing live images of what’s happening behind the vehicle.

Installation of the Garmin rearview camera is generally simple, as it connects wirelessly to the GPS device. The cameras are water-resistant and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. These rearview cameras have a wide field of view, providing drivers with a clear and comprehensive image of their surroundings when reversing.


Nextbase is a leading manufacturer of in-car technology and is known for producing high-quality dash cams for various user requirements.

Nextbase Dash Cam Series

The Nextbase Dash Cam Series includes models such as the 122, 222, 322GW, 422GW, and the premium 522GW. Each model is equipped with various features catering to different user needs, ranging from basic 720p video recording to advanced 1440p video quality with a polarizing filter.

All Nextbase dash cams come with the free MyNextbase Connect app, which enables users to view and download footage directly onto their smartphone or tablet device, and share videos with friends, family, and insurance companies. Selected models also include GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as Intelligent Parking Mode for added security.

Nextbase Rearview Cameras

Nextbase also offers rearview cameras specifically designed to work in conjunction with their dash cam models. The Rear Window Camera and Rear View Camera both provide clear footage of the vehicle’s backside, ensuring drivers have a comprehensive view of their surroundings.


BlackVue is a leading global dash cam manufacturer known for its innovative designs and advanced technology.

BlackVue Dash Cam Series

The BlackVue Dash Cam Series includes a wide range of models, such as the DR590X, DR750X, and DR900X series. BlackVue dash cams are designed to provide high-quality video recording with features like 1080p, 1440p, or 4K video resolution, GPS tracking, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Furthermore, BlackVue offers a unique cloud-based service that allows users to access their footage remotely from anywhere in the world, receive notifications on their smartphone, and even talk two-way to the car via built-in speaker and microphone.

BlackVue Rearview Cameras

BlackVue also produces rearview cameras for improved safety and visibility while driving. Compatible with many BlackVue dash cams, these rearview cameras provide high-resolution video capture, giving drivers a clear and detailed view of what’s happening behind their vehicle.


Thinkware is a top global manufacturer of smart car devices and has been providing high-quality dash cams since 1997.

Thinkware Dash Cam Series

Thinkware offers several dash cam models such as the F70, F200, F800, Q800, and U1000 series. These dash cams provide various features like high-resolution video recording, GPS tracking, Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity, and parking surveillance.

Thinkware dash cams also come with advanced driver assistance systems, including lane departure and forward collision warnings, providing an extra layer of safety for drivers.

Thinkware Rearview Cameras

Thinkware’s rearview cameras are designed to work seamlessly with their dash cam models, providing high-quality video capture and improved safety for drivers. With wide-angle lenses that offer a comprehensive view, these rearview cameras help drivers park and reverse with confidence.


Rexing is a U.S.-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality dash cams and related accessories.

Rexing Dash Cam Series

Rexing offers a selection of dash cam models such as the V1 series, V1P series, and V3 series, all of which feature high-quality video recording, wide dynamic range, and loop recording. Some of the higher-end models also include Wi-Fi capabilities, GPS logging, and mobile app support.

The Rexing dash cams are designed to be discreet and low-profile so as not to obstruct a driver’s view while providing essential video capture in case of an accident or need for evidence.

Rexing Rearview Cameras

Rexing also produces rearview cameras that work in conjunction with their dash cam models. These rearview cameras provide high-resolution video capture and are built with durable materials to withstand harsh weather conditions, giving drivers a clear view of their surroundings when parking or reversing.

Entry Level and Budget Car Camera Brands


Apeman is a highly popular budget car camera brand known for its affordability and decent video quality. The brand offers a range of entry-level dash cams and rearview cameras designed for those who want a reliable yet budget-friendly solution for their car.

Apeman Dash Cam Series

The Apeman Dash Cam Series consists of several models, such as the C450, C420, and C860, which vary in their features and price-points. Many Apeman dash cams offer 1080p Full HD video recording, a 170-degree wide-angle lens, G-sensor for automatic file locking, and a loop recording feature.

Apeman Rearview Cameras

Apeman also offers a range of rearview cameras, which can be mounted on the rear of your vehicle to provide a clear view of the road behind you. These cameras often feature high-resolution imaging, night vision capabilities, and waterproof designs for added durability.

YI Technology

YI Technology is a reputable Chinese brand known for offering affordable, feature-rich car cameras. Their car cameras provide excellent video quality and reliable performance for a budget-friendly price.

YI Dash Cam Series

The YI Dash Cam Series includes the YI Smart Dash Camera, YI Nightscape Dash Cam, and the YI Ultra Dash Camera. These car cameras are known for their driver assistance features, such as Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), wide dynamic range capabilities, and built-in Wi-Fi for seamless smartphone connectivity.

YI Rearview Cameras

YI Technology also offers rearview cameras with night vision capabilities and easy installation processes. They are compatible with a variety of YI dashboard cameras, enabling users to create a comprehensive car camera system.


Viofo is another budget-friendly car camera brand that offers high-quality cameras without breaking the bank. Their products are known for their impressive video quality and unique features, such as parking mode and time-lapse.

Viofo Dash Cam Series

The Viofo Dash Cam Series includes models like the A119, A129, and A139. Many of these cameras feature 2K or 4K video resolution, built-in Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities, and a Super Night Vision mode for enhanced low-light recording.

Viofo Rearview Cameras

Viofo also provides rearview cameras compatible with their dashboard camera models, like the VIOFO HK3 and others. These cameras can be used to effectively monitor the rear of your vehicle, improving overall driving safety.


ROVE is a budget car camera brand that offers a wide range of affordable dash cams and rearview cameras. Their products deliver good video quality and a variety of useful features, such as GPS and speed logging.

ROVE Dash Cam Series

ROVE’s Dash Cam series includes models such as the R1, R2-4K, and R3. These cameras come with features like 4K Ultra HD video recording, built-in Wi-Fi, loop recording, and G-sensor functionalities, making them a great option for budget-conscious buyers.

ROVE Rearview Cameras

ROVE also offers rearview cameras that can be easily connected to their dash cam models for a comprehensive car camera system. These rearview cameras often come with waterproof capabilities and night vision support.

Car Camera Brands with Unique Features


Owlcam provides unique, security-focused car cameras that offer features beyond just recording the road ahead.

Live View Capability

The main selling point of Owlcam products is their live view capability, which allows users to access their camera’s feed in real-time through a smartphone app. This enables car owners to check on their vehicle remotely, providing added security and peace of mind.

Integrated Security Features

Owlcam also offers a range of integrated security features, such as motion detection, impact-triggered alerts, and two-way audio. These allow car owners to monitor and interact with their vehicle, whether they are close by or far away.


Vantrue is a car camera brand known for offering high-quality products with unique features like a wide dynamic range, dual-camera setups, and advanced sensors.

Wide Dynamic Range Technology

Many Vantrue cameras come with a wide dynamic range technology that allows the camera to balance shadows and bright spots in the recorded footage for improved video quality.

Dual-camera models

Vantrue is also known for offering several dual-camera models, such as the N2 Pro and X4 UHD. These cameras provide simultaneous front and rear or interior recording capability, giving users a comprehensive view of their surroundings.


Cobra is a well-known brand in the automotive accessory world, offering a range of consumer electronics products, including car cameras. Their cameras are known for features like emergency assistance and integrated GPS systems.

Emergency Assistance

Some Cobra car camera models, like the DASH 2316D, offer an Emergency Assistance feature that automatically alerts emergency services when a collision is detected. This can provide valuable assistance during an accident or crisis.

Integrated GPS

Many Cobra cameras also come with integrated GPS technology that can provide navigational directions as well as record location, speed, and route information. This can be valuable for reviewing your driving habits or providing evidence in case of an accident.

Comparing Car Camera Brands: Factors to Consider

Image Quality

One of the most important factors to consider when comparing car camera brands is the image quality. The higher the quality of the video, the more likely it is that you will be able to clearly see what is happening in the recording.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the image. A higher resolution means that the image will be sharper and more detailed. Most car cameras offer HD resolution, such as 720p, 1080p, or 1440p, with some even offering 4K quality. Generally, a higher resolution camera will be more expensive, but it is often worth the investment for the improved video quality.

Low-light Capability

Another important aspect of image quality is the car camera’s ability to capture clear images in low-light conditions. This is especially important for nighttime driving or when driving through tunnels. Some cameras come equipped with built-in infrared LEDs or other low-light technology to improve image quality in dark conditions. Look for cameras with good low-light capability, as this can be critical in determining the outcome of an incident or help identify license plates and other vehicle details.

Additional Features

Aside from image quality, there are other features to consider when comparing various car camera brands. Some cameras come equipped with additional functionality that can be useful in various situations.

WiFi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity allows the user to connect the car camera to a smartphone or other WiFi-enabled device to view and/or download videos. This feature can eliminate the need to remove the memory card to access the footage, making it more convenient and easy to share videos.

GPS Logging

A camera with GPS logging records the vehicle’s location, speed, and direction during each recorded event. This information can be highly beneficial in proving fault, determining the speed of an accident, or validating the authenticity of the video footage.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a feature that enables the car camera to start recording automatically when it detects movement. This can be highly useful when the vehicle is parked, as it can catch potential perpetrators in the act of vandalizing, breaking into, or damaging your vehicle.

Price and Value

As with any purchase, the cost is always a factor to consider. It is essential to strike a balance between price and the value that the car camera provides.

Budget Considerations

Car cameras come in a wide range of prices, often corresponding to the quality of the image capture and the additional features provided. Determine your budget beforehand and ensure that your car camera of choice fits within that budget while still providing the necessary features and image quality you desire.

Warranty and Support

Another essential aspect of price and value is the warranty and support options offered by the manufacturer. A reputable car camera brand should provide a reasonable warranty period and customer support, should you encounter any issues with the device.

Mounting and Installation

The ease of mounting and installation is another factor to consider when comparing car camera brands. The camera should be easy to install and securely mount to the vehicle.

Mounting Options

There are various mounting options for car cameras, such as suction cup mounts, adhesive mounts, or rearview mirror mounts. Consider which mounting option would be most suitable for your specific vehicle before purchasing the camera. Some cameras come with multiple mounting options, giving you flexibility when it comes to installation.

Ease of Installation

Choose a car camera that is easy to install and requires minimal tools, as this can save you time and potential frustration. Some vehicle owners may prefer a camera with a hardwiring kit for a more professional installation, while others may opt for a simpler plug-and-play option that connects to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or USB port. Consider your preference and comfort level with installation when comparing car cameras.

In conclusion, various factors should be considered when comparing car camera brands, including image quality, additional features, price, and mounting and installation options. Taking these factors into account will help ensure that you choose the car camera that best meets your needs and provides the most value for your investment.

1. What are some of the leading car camera brands available in the market?

Top car camera brands include Garmin, Nextbase, BlackVue, Thinkware, Cobra, and Papago. These companies manufacture high-quality products with innovative features and reliable performance.

2. Why is Garmin a popular choice among car camera consumers?

Garmin is well-known for its excellent product quality, user-friendly navigation, and advanced safety features. Their lineup of dash cameras offers useful additions such as GPS integration, voice control, and smartphone compatibility.

3. How does the Nextbase car camera brand stand out from other competitors?

Nextbase leads in providing models with unique features like the Click&Go Pro Mount for easy installation, Enhanced Night Vision for clearer footage in low light, and Emergency SOS to alert emergency services after an accident.

4. What makes BlackVue a top contender in the car camera industry?

BlackVue is famous for its sleek design, high-resolution recording, and cloud connectivity. The brand offers advanced features like remote live view, two-way audio communication, and impact detection with instant notifications.

5. How does Thinkware offer innovative solutions in the car camera market?

Thinkware excels in providing cutting-edge features such as Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), energy-saving parking mode, and Integrated Thermal Protection. These capabilities improve driver safety and make their products more reliable.

6. What unique features can be expected from Cobra and Papago car cameras?

Cobra offers iRadar compatibility and ultra-wide viewing angles, while Papago is known for features like Drive Safe Warning System, Stop-and-Go alert, and Headlight reminder. Both brands work towards enhancing driver safety and improving user experience.