Pearl rearvision

Innovating new car technology. No new car required.

We’re surrounded by amazing technology. Pearl believes the latest automotive technology should be available to every driver – whether it's time for you to buy a new car or not.

Pearl Founders

Driven by difference.

The three co-founders of Pearl Auto met at Apple, where they developed game-changing, life-altering products — iPod and iPhone. With Pearl, they are dedicated to making the same transformative change in the auto industry by delivering advanced and adaptive driver assistance features to all 1.2 billion cars on the road. Now acquired and supported by American Road Products.

Pearl rearvision

Driving forward.

We’re excited about the promise of autonomous vehicles and believe in building that future by focusing today on you – the driver. We want to give you added confidence behind the wheel, so that road-tripping with friends, zipping around town, dropping off kids, or even commuting, is far more enjoyable and way less stressful. RearVision is our first step in driving this commitment forward.

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